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Makayla & KC

May 20, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

We had another great session. Makayla is so cute she had lots of fun she wanted to stay and play, and It's hard to believe that KC is only six months old. Here is a peek from our session. 

Prints Vs. Digital

April 30, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Prints Vs. Digital

One of the most debated topics among photographers is whether or not to sell digital files, or to only sell finished prints. We see both sides of this argument.  Most of our clients want digital files to use on social media such as (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc…) or to share them with family. The other side is that the photographer works hard to create a great finished product and wants to make sure the final “printing” is done by a professional lab. We will provide both options but we strongly recommend to uphold the integrity of our work that you order your prints through us.

There is a lot that goes into the finished product of your photographs. There is the planning of the session, the portrait session itself, and post processing of all of the images. Usually the editing and processing of all of the images is the most time consuming part of the process.  If the shoot takes one hour we typically edit for two hours. Editing includes: color correcting, adjusting the exposure and saturation, softening and touching up the skin, sharpening, enhancing the eyes, etc…  We have a computer built just for editing our work, with expensive monitors and equipment to color calibrate the screen each week so we know what our final print will look like from our professional lab.

There are many places to print photos, and they are not all the same.  The lab that we use is of much higher quality  than places such as Walgreens, CVS, Sams Club, Walmart and online printers such as Snapfish.  Our lab prints on higher quality paper, has better coating over the image, and does consistent, good work. As a test I took the same image, printed it from our lab and printed it at Walmart.  I expected the Walmart print to not be as sharp or a little under exposed.  What I found was very obvious and much worse than I expected.  Please be aware that not all printing places are equal and you really do get what you pay for. 

First is a scanned print from our lab

Professional Labscanned print from our lab

And here is the same file printed at Walmart

Walmart PrintHere is the same file we printed at our lab printed from Walmart

Printing Guide

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Preparing for your newborn photo session

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The best time for scheduling your session is within the first two weeks of your baby being born. within the first two week the babies are still sleepy and easy to mold into precious poses. 

We recommend our two hour session for newborns. The younger the baby the less likely it is that will need the full two hours, but it gives us plenty of time for feeding and diaper changes.

Tips for a great session 

Make sure that your baby is fed before the session, a well fed baby is a happy sleepy baby. You will want to bring extra milk with you in case the baby gets hungry during our session or we need them to put them back to sleep. 

If your baby does get cranky don't worry, stay calm we have plenty of time built into our session to take breaks when we need to. the session should be relaxed and a enjoyable time while we capture this special time. 

We keep the area for photographing newborns warm enough to keep them comfortable, so at times it may feel hot for everyone else. 

For family members being photographed we recommend dark pants and black long sleeve shirts, Younger siblings can wear lighter colors to match the gender of the baby. We use mom and dads hands in the pictures so make sure your nails look nice.

Packing list

We have different props and backgrounds to customize your session, but we recommend you bring:

  • plain onesie along with other outfits
  • your favorite hats or headbands
  • blankets or other items that are special  
  • personal touch such as something from the baby's room, etc.


What to Wear on a Family Photo Shoot?

May 31, 2012  •  Leave a Comment


I have had people people ask about what to wear when scheduling a family portrait session. There are many different options depending on your style. There is the matching approach, two traditional options are jeans with black shirts or khakis with white shirts. Another option if matching is not your thing is to have every one wear colors that go together but don't "match" such as bold or pastel colors or have everyone wear different shades of the same color.

Other tips:

  • Avoid loud patterns and large logos that can be distracting
  • Think about location, if a shoot is taking place outdoors wear clothes that you are comfortable sitting on the ground in
  • Hands and feet, often we take photos of holding hands and when possible bare feet in the photos always looks great
  • colors don't need to match but they should coordinate 


If you want a second opinion on a clothing choice feel free to ask me about it in our pre session consultation.

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